Light a Spark /Allumer Une étincelle


The Sparks Are Flying Can You Add Yours?

Many of our congregations are in a tight squeeze. There can be many barriers to taking a step out of what we know and have become comfortable with even when the pressures of paying the bills and sharing the workload are becoming much more real.  We want to remain faithful to our congregation and do what we can to ensure that our ministry can keep going.  Sometimes these pressures reach a tipping point when we might consider joining with another congregation or perhaps sell the building. It can be very unclear what the next steps and options might be. Not infrequently, we decide to “dig in”, work harder, ask our members to contribute a bit more, and do what we can to keep what we have and what we know.  But, not infrequently, the hole gets deeper. Our Board meetings get consumed by these pressures; the ministry becomes, in effect, “holding on” rather than “moving on” to something life giving and new.
Perhaps it may be time to ask “what are we really being called to do? “  But, how do we take that first step?  How do we go about ascertaining this?  How can, for example, we engage the wider community/neighbourhood? What have others done that perhaps can provide some insights to our situation? What motivated them to try it? How did they go about it? How did it work? What lessons can be learned from their experience? Where do we go from here? 

In the Reflection Group formed to guide “Light A Spark/Allumer Une étincelle” we noted that there are a number of “sparks” in our Presbytery which provide hope for new life and renewal and that may provide insights to others who are considering their future. Several examples of some of the  “sparks” mentioned were: the journey and lessons of Verdun congregations in amalgamating, selling a building and planting the South West Mission;  the LAMS approach in the Laurentians; interfaith initiatives with children and youth; and Northlea’s discernment, sale of their building and their continuing journey.  We know that there are many more. 

Through a grant from the Erskine and American Fund the team at Light a Spark has videotaped the stories of these congregations and mission units with the express purpose that they be shared as learning tools. 


Laurentian Area Ministry (LAM)


Northlea Final




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