Finance and Extension Board Structure and Function


The Finance and Extension Board consists of twenty-five members elected in May by the Board, and approved by Montreal Presbytery.  Individuals may be elected to serve two (2) year terms for a maximum of five consecutive terms.  Exemptions from the ten year limit may be sought for certain members to maintain the proper balance of skills and experience on the Board.

The Board and Presbytery Executive shall select the Presbytery’s Standing Committees most appropriate to the role of the Board and members of the Finance and Extension Board shall be named to these Committees.

The members of the Board shall exercise all the powers vested in the Corporation by its Charter and by the Rules and Regulations of the General Council, or its Executive Committee.  It shall have power to make such By-laws, Rules and Regulations as it may consider necessary for the carrying out of the objects of the Corporation and defining the duties of the Officers and it may amend and repeal the same provided however such By-laws, Rules and Regulations shall be subject to approval by the Presbytery.

Duties of Officers

The President shall preside at all regular or special meetings of the Board, and shall, ex-officio, be a member of all standing committees.  The President shall sign, in conjunction with the Treasurer, or the Secretary, all cheques, promissory notes, or other obligations authorized by the Board, two signatures being sufficient, provided always that one of the said signatures shall be that of the Treasurer, or the Secretary.

The Secretary shall have charge of the Minutes and Records of the Corporation and of the Seal of the Corporation.  The Secretary shall cause records to be prepared and preserved of all meetings of the Board.  The Secretary shall cause notices to be issued of all meetings of the Board and shall, ex-officio, be a member of all standing committees.

The Treasurer shall have charge of the books of accounts and shall generally supervise the receipts and expenditures of the Corporation and shall be the custodian of its funds.

The Board has the above standing committees but it is not limited to these.

Each committee shall be composed of at least five members of the Board.

The President and Secretary of the Board shall ex-officio, be members of all committees.  The Board may appoint such other committees as may be found necessary and/or required by certain bequests and may delegate to all committees such powers as may be permissible.  All committees shall make reports in writing at the regular meetings of the Board
In addition, there are Committees for the Bursaries the Sabbatical Leave  and Staff.

There is a representative from the Board to the Presbytery Mission Support Committee

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