Finance and Extension Board Purpose

The Finance and Extension Board of the Montreal Presbytery of the United Church of Canada was incorporated in June 1926 under The United Church of Canada Act. Under its Constitution, its objects are to carry on Church extension work in the Montreal Presbytery, to promote the spiritual and temporal welfare of churches and missions of the United Church of Canada in the Montreal Presbytery and to provide them with financial assistance for these purposes.

The assets of the Board acquired over many years from acquisitions of property, donations, bequests and the investment thereof are invested in a balanced portfolio of Canadian, American, and International stocks and a portfolio of bonds and cash. The investment of these funds is entrusted to professional investment counsel.

The income and gains from these investments are used to carry out the objects and purposes of the Board through certain annual programs and grants including in particular:

  • a grant to the Montreal Presbytery enabling it to carry out mission support to many churches, missions, outreach ministries and experimental ministries;
  • funding of the Board’s Extension and Survey Program for major repairs of churches and church manses;
  • funding of the Board’s Bursary Program for United Church students attending college and university; 
  • funding of the Board’s Sabbatical Leave Program for ministry personnel.

The income and gains generated by the Board are also used for its own administration, operation, and accounting and investment fees and, through its annual grant to the Montreal Presbytery, for enabling the latter to pay for its administration and operation as well as field staff serving its churches and missions.

The Finance and Extension Board is a registered charity.

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