Chaplaincies (CEGEP and University)

If you are a university student, or have a daughter, son, niece, grandson, neighbor or friend  who goes to one of those schools, please tell them about chaplaincies! Many students say that chaplaincy is a home away from home, community in a large institution and a safe place. So please help spread the word!

McGill University Chaplaincy

Rev. Jean-Daniel Williams is the Protestant Chaplain at McGill. The chaplaincy is a shared ministry of the United Church and the Anglican Church that provides social events, community service opportunities, multi-church young adult worship, Bible studies, and one-on-one pastoral care. Its ministries are offered in English and French to students at all Montréal cégeps and universities. For more information visit

Concordia University Chaplaincy

The Rev. Ellie Hummel serves at Concordia University.  You can check out programs and events Click Here.

Carleton University Chaplaincy

Rev. Wayne Menard serves at Carleton University Click Here.

Bishop's University/Champlain Regional College

Rev. Heather Thomson serves at both Bishop’s University and Champlain Regional College. Click Here 

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